New Mexico Discovers the Power of Meditation

By the Editor

The Power of Meditation tour that began in Chicago, Illinois continued in Albuquerque, New Mexico last Saturday, December 17, 2011. With 412 people in attendance, this Dahn Yoga-hosted event featuring guest speaker Ilchi Lee brought together many who wished to become better acquainted with meditation.

Ilchi Lee lectures at the Power of Meditation event in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ilchi Lee’s lecture focused on the need to control one’s emotions in order to manage one’s life effectively. He introduced simple breathing and walking methods as forms of meditation that can help people calm and let go of their emotions. However, he said in order to be in control of your emotions, you need to recognize that your emotions are not a part of you, but merely something you have and carry around with you. With that separation from your emotions, you can see them clearly and they are less likely to overwhelm you.

Ilchi Lee - Power of Meditation - audience practices breathing meditation

Ilchi Lee’s lecture was preceded by a special performance of “Nella Fantasia,” a song made famous by Sarah Brightman. It was sung by Solome, a long-time opera soprano. Next, five Dahn Yoga members and instructors treated the audience to a kigong form they developed themselves called “LifeParticle Kigong.” This flowing sequence of movements entranced the audience with its beauty and power.

Ilchi Lee - Power of Meditation - Salome sings "Nella Fantasia"
Ilchi Lee - Power of Meditation - LifeParticle Kigong Performance

The final performance was given by a Dahn Yoga member named Caroline, who sang and played the harp to a song she composed herself called “Heaven Chose You.” The song spoke of a mission that is waiting for each of us if we embrace it. Caroline was inspired to write it while attending Dahn Yoga’s Dotong Course.

Ilchi Lee - Power of Meditation - Caroline plays and sings "Heaven Chose You"

On the day of the event, the city of Santa Fe proclaimed it was a city of Brain Education. Mayor David Coss sent a congratulatory note that emcee Michael Munson read part of during the Power of Meditation event. It expressed gratitude to Ilchi Lee for bringing Brain Education to New Mexico. An important factor in the proclamation was the teaching of Brain Education in Dahn Yoga centers in New Mexico for the last 13 years, and the 40 outreach classes being taught in and around Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Ilchi Lee - Power of Meditation - Santa Fe Proclamation

As part of his lecture, Ilchi Lee showed inspirational videos that demonstrated the power of meditation, especially Brain Education and its LifeParticle meditation. One video told of Albuquerque native Bette Castoria’s brain tumor reduction without treatment, which she believes is due to her Dahn Yoga practice, her positive mindset, and the love sent to her through LifeParticles from many people around the world. Bette was on hand to share her feelings about her experience.

Ilchi Lee - Power of Meditation - Bette Castoria

Ilchi Lee - Power of Meditation - Book Signing

After his lecture, Ilchi Lee was able to meet members of the audience personally at the book signing for The Call of Sedona. The event ended with an upbeat and happy atmosphere. Participants were able to share their experience with others in person, or on Facebook, where The Call of Sedona page posted updates about the event as it happened.

Ilchi Lee - Power of Meditation - audience
Ilchi Lee - Power of Meditation - audience