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Raise Your Consciousness by Changing Your Energy

During my tour last year for my film and book Change, I had the pleasure of stopping in Boston and speaking at the Tsai Performance Center at Boston University. Here in this clip from the lecture, I emphasize the need to develop our consciousness and offer Magnetic Meditation as a good way to start. Take a look and hear how to improve your energy to raise your consciousness.

Ilchi Lee Lecture Highlights: The Senses

People, dogs, cats, and other animals all respond to their environment. Based on what they perceive with their five senses, their emotions and their body change—their hormones, brain waves, heart rate, even their pH. Information from their surroundings more obviously changes information in their mind, adjusting their perception of themselves and the world.

Humans and other animals have an important difference, however. Unlike other animals, the brains of human beings have a kind of sixth sense, an awareness of who they are. Because of this meta-awareness, people are capable of changing their thoughts and emotions based on their intention.

I spoke a lot on this subject as I toured the United States this year and spoke at screenings for my film, CHANGE: The LifeParticle Effect. Take a look at this clip from the lecture I gave at the Tsai Performance Center of Boston University on June 11, 2013 to hear a bit more on this topic.

You Are a Creator

Ilchi Lee - You Are a CreatorI believe that creation is not something done by special people.

The ability to create comes from consciousness.
It lies in our brain.
We all have consciousness,
and we all have a brain.

But what kind of consciousness,
or level of awareness,
do we need to have
in order to use our natural creative power?
We need the consciousness that remains
when we’ve stripped away
everything else,
what I’ve often called the zero point,
observer consciousness,
or our conscience.

It’s at the zero point where you have
the ability to see everything clearly,
as it is,
and the freedom from
attachment and emotions
that allows you to choose your thoughts,
emotions, and actions.

In that moment of choice,
you create.
Energy goes to your intentions.
Your brain and the universe responds
to your choices.

Your life begins to change bit by bit,
choice by choice.


Ilchi Lee


Hearing the Call of the Earth

The waters of Oak Creek ripple through the Verde Valley bringing the green blush of deciduous trees hinted at in the valley’s name. I sat on the bank of one part of the creek recently, dangling my feet in the chill water. Here, the water level was shallow, and my feet brushed against the rough gray stone below. I let my mind sink into the sensation, delighted for a moment’s respite from an always demanding schedule.

Connecting with Mother Earth

After more than thirty years of daily meditation and a mindful lifestyle, my mind easily opened to the natural feast for the senses around me. The steady rushing and trickling of the water over the rocky and uneven creek bottom, the numbing coolness of the water and rock against my skin, the fresh greenness in the air with the faint scent of spring flowers all embraced me.

My mind did not remain with my senses, however. Its awareness soon went deeper and wider, and I could sense the spirit and soul of the earth that underlies and animates its form. As I did, my own spirit and soul felt more alive and I merged with that of the earth. I rejoiced as the boundaries between myself and nature shimmered into nothing.

And then I became nothing. As my consciousness descended even deeper and wider, I dropped down to the origin, the center of all, where nothingness is everything. I was beyond the compilation of cells and experiences and ideas known as Ilchi Lee. I became consciousness itself—the ultimate awareness and source of creation. I could see everything in that nothingness; it was in harmony and balance. From that perspective, everything was without flaw.

At the same time, Mother Earth, Mago, called to me, and I felt the usual urgency. In that ongoing moment of fundamental peace, I could still feel the mission that had been burning in my heart for years, and I knew once again that everyone needed to bring their awareness to zero point, to nothingness, and become the creative observer that could view the universe with clarity and balance. Only with this creative observer consciousness could the citizens of the earth adopt a lifestyle that expressed the absolute and essential values that exist at zero point when all that is ephemeral is stripped away. Only with this consciousness could all of us work together to imagine the creative solutions for changing the systems we operate under to be in alignment with these values. Only with this consciousness could we all live with love, oneness, and peace.

The towering red rocks looked ever more majestic when I opened my eyes. I got up and began my work again.

Choose and Act Right Now

Be the light in a stormWe are standing at a crossroads—a moment of destiny in which one of two options must be chosen. Is humankind to come to an end, or will there be a new and great beginning? One by one, each of us takes a step forward choosing the path that we wish for our world, every action another step.

Currently, the greed of humans is leading us down the path of destruction. If we continue down this path the devastation of the earth is imminent. Greed begets fear, that fear becomes endless cruelty, and cruelty stirs up anger. Just as hot energy and cold energy collide to form a huge storm, collisions of human greed have shaped a maelstrom of anger, fear, and cruelty within the collective consciousness of the human race. It is a storm of death made by humans that could bring about the end of humankind.

However, inside of this storm, there is something that shines brilliantly. If you look with the eyes of the observer, you can see it—the possibility of a new birth, a great hope.

Both death and birth are an ever-present part of reality, and a choice. The right and responsibility to choose lies not with God, nor any saint, but solely inside of us. Within you is a great soul and divinity that wields this power of choice. If you exist in this age, in this time and space as a human life form, wherever you may be, whether you be male or female, whatever your years and whatever your position, you must choose by taking on the perspective of that great soul and divinity.

As a human being, you have the capacity to experience emotions that are both wretched and noble. The greatest gift of your humanity is that you have the power to rise above your victim mentality, your fear, and your arrogance to make a choice. Choosing your noble intentions becomes effortless when you bring your awareness to the zero-point, the place of neutrality, and think, speak, and act within the natural perspective of the zero point, which I call the creative observer, or your divinity.

From the zero point you have access to all of the wondrous and inherent faculties of your brain, and will experience the eternally unchanging divine value, which is your true nature, as the consciousness behind the controls. Your perception of the world will change. You will see the world with divine eyes, hear with divine ears, and perceive with divine senses. A beautiful world will be revealed before your eyes as you witness the great and holy divinity and soul in the hearts of all people. You will stand before the absolute truth that all human beings are one, their value is limitless, and all are equal. Your soul will tremble in ecstasy in the recognition of this truth, and you will have the strength and absolute conviction to put aside your fears and worries and act for the good of all.

Saving the world is a big job, but if we each do our part, the job isn’t as difficult. Change can happen in an instant. Choose and act right away, at this very moment. Small thoughts and small actions could build huge, great things or create great change. Sing of a new beginning from your soul. Choose new hope.

Throughout all of time, countless humans have come and gone from this earth. Living on the earth at this pivotal time presents a great opportunity for your soul to become one of the greatest, most sacred, and most beautiful human beings to be born. Crisis is great opportunity—being blasted by a storm forces us to turn to the peaceful divinity within. Be the first in your community to spark a collective wave of divine humans. Start a new culture of divinely inspired living. Choose to generate hope, share happiness, and bring peace to all people that you encounter. I wish with all my heart that you can experience being a great and beautiful human being who gives hope to the world. That is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself, and the world.

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