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Ilchi Lee Explores 6th Consciousness

In this insightful talk at Boston University, Ilchi Lee discusses awakened consciousness and demonstrates the properties of magnetic energy within our bodies.

Raise Your Consciousness by Changing Your Energy

During my tour last year for my film and book Change, I had the pleasure of stopping in Boston and speaking at the Tsai Performance Center at Boston University. Here in this clip from the lecture, I emphasize the need to develop our consciousness and offer Magnetic Meditation as a good way to start. Take a look and hear how to improve your energy to raise your consciousness.

Unleashing Brain Potential in Miami

By Ryan Sims

On Friday January 17th, educators from around south Florida met at the Miami campus of Union Institute and University for a conference on Brain Education. In attendance was Ilchi Lee, founder of the International Brain Education Association (IBREA). He was there to give a keynote speech about the future of education and was introduced by Power Brain Education Program Director, Dave Beal. Mr. Beal began by leading the group through a series of warm-ups, which briefly demonstrated a few exercises from the Brain Education program. Ilchi Lee then took the floor and began his presentation on Brain Education, IBREA, and the future of education in a changing world.

Ilchi Lee - Brain Education Conference - Miami FL

Ilchi Lee continued the presentation by outlining some of the substance and ideas behind the Brain Education program. “The current education system kills confidence. Brain Education is a shift in education, to respect the brain,” explained Lee. The purpose of Brain Education is to help people “achieve health, happiness, and peace by realizing the highest value that the brain possesses.” The presentation concluded with a discussion and question and answer session that covered topics including the effects of technology and smartphones on the developing brain, the over-diagnosis of attention deficit disorder, and Brain Education’s positive effects on people with Alzheimer’s.

Viewing CHANGE

The following day, the University of Miami hosted a screening of Ilchi Lee’s internationally acclaimed documentary CHANGE: The LifeParticle Effect. Almost 200 people viewed the documentary and were treated to a lecture by the film’s creator, Ilchi Lee. Lee explained that after seeing the film, “you are now prepared for change. The key is simple. It is that you have an infinite power within you. It’s simply a matter of using it. Many people are unaware of this power. They don’t know how to use it. To use it you have to know your value.” Lee explained that there are ways to help realize your value and that these lie within the powers of your brain. Lee spoke for almost an hour and led the audience through exercises, as well as magnetic meditation.

After the screening and lecture, there was a line out the door of audience members hoping to have their books and DVDs signed by Mr. Lee. Audience member Monica Gutierrez, a Miami resident, shared her takeaway from the film: “The movie hit the nail on the head. So many people are stuck in life and don’t realize that they have the power to do positive things for themselves. I think that if more people were reminded [of] this, the world would be a much different place.”

Ilchi Lee - Change film - Miami FL

Change Your Energy with Magnetic Meditation

Change your energy from heavy to positive and light with Magnetic Meditation. Ilchi Lee shows you how in this short clip from a lecture he gave at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on July 23rd, 2013. This lecture was part of a national screening tour for his film, CHANGE: The LifeParticle Effect.

“I realy hope that everyone can experience endless growth and happiness every day of their life.” – Ilchi Lee

Magnetic Meditation

Magnetic Meditation book by Ilchi Lee

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