A Fresh Start

Ilchi Lee meditationTomorrow we begin a new year.
But many of us are dragging
our old baggage into it.
We have thoughts
with which we define ourselves:
“I am so and so.
I have such and such a value.
I am such and such a being.”

But these ideas are not who we really are.
We are that which is beyond all manifestation.
When we only experience our preconceptions,
without a sense of our true self,
we are tossed around by change,
our lives seem futile,
and we experience more suffering.
Why not leave behind old thoughts
and start the new year
with an experience of the lightness
of your true self,
with which you can create your life unencumbered.

With your spine straight, breathe comfortably
until your breathing becomes slow and deep.
Focus on your breath.
With each thought or emotion that arises,
whether happy or sad,
release it with your breath.

With time you will discover what is underneath.
You will know muah (nonbeing)—that there is no “me”
and no separation from the rest of universe.

Then you will step beyond suffering and transience,
and be able to perform unlimited creation.
You will be able to transcend
all preconceptions, ideologies, and belief systems.


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