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two women talking

Communication for Happiness

Enlightenment, or completion of the soul, are not found somewhere far off, but in our daily lives, within human relationships.…

The Power of Manifestation

What is the power of manifestation? It is Tao power. It is the strength to smile brightly and radiantly one…
Ilchi Lee using an automatic sit-down lawn mower

Keep Cutting the Grass

As I cut grass at the new meditation center we’re creating in New Zealand, I am reminded to clear out…
man taking a child's body temprature

The Temperature of Passion

The key to our body’s natural healing and the most essential factor in health, happiness, and peace is temperature. The…
poppy in a doorway to a green field

What If You Died in 3 Minutes?

Suppose you will die one month from now. What about tomorrow? Or three minutes from now? Is there something you…
Girl in woods with sun shining on her

Shine with the Sun

Bathed in the faint light of the dawn. The warmth of the sun penetrates your body down to your soul,…

Dance, Sing, and Draw

Your heart beats in a rhythm. It’s a phenomenon of life, and the foundation of music. It is yullyeo, the…

Fighting the Battle of Habits

What sort of battles are the fights of this world? They are not fights between good and evil. They are…
woman with self-confidence

3 Keys to Self-Confidence

In the game of life, you can’t lose. It’s just a little hard sometimes. Trying to grow and achieve something…