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hands holding a brown egg

Hatch Your Inner Power

While raising chickens in New Zealand, I discovered something amazing. One of the hens decided that, instead of letting me…
Ilchi Lee speaking outside about being a Solar Body

Why Make a Solar Body?

Having what I call a Solar Body means independence and freedom from self-doubt. To make your body solar, you have…

Five-Minute Solar Meditation


The Solar Body Method helps you utilize the energy of the sun. Today, I will show you how to receive solar energy directly.

woman flicking her hair in the sunlight in the forest

For Natural Health, Go Solar

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When our natural healing mechanisms are working at their best, and we are truly healthy in body, mind, and spirit, we have what I call a Solar Body.

man taking a child's body temprature

The Temperature of Passion

The key to our body’s natural healing and the most essential factor in health, happiness, and peace is temperature. The…
woman with self-confidence

3 Keys to Self-Confidence

In the game of life, you can’t lose. It’s just a little hard sometimes. Trying to grow and achieve something…