woman singing on the beach

Relieve Stress with Sound


One of the best ways to relieve stress and worry is through sound and voice energy meditation.

closeup of young woman's face in the snow

Your Divine Light


Thoughts, memories, and intellectual knowledge are what most people typically associate with the brain. However, the brain doesn’t only contain the artificial information that we’ve accumulated during our lives.

woman in white shirt meditating by a lake

Why Do Meditation?


Why do meditation? The primary reason is to open up. If you become closed, your body and mind become sick…

eye of the soul

Instead of Worrying, Do This


Many of us are not strangers to worry. It’s easy to be anxious about the future, even though worrying won’t stop us from…

Woman in the light

Your Original Form Is Light


Your original form is light and life. It’s light and life beyond all harm, eternal life, self-existing in solitude…

close-up of woman's face meditating

Meditating in Daily Life


You’ve probably already heard that the best way to calm your mind is to meditate. However, if your mind is not conditioned, it’s difficult…

Woman greeting the sunrise

Greet 2020 with Joy and Hope


I hope you have chosen to greet 2020 with bright joy and hope. This year is the time prepared for you. If you choose to make…