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How to Choose Joy


Have you ever had a feeling of deep inner joy? Or have you always had an underlying sense of dissatisfaction?

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How to Bring the World Together


Due to COVID-19, our brains and humankind have experienced an unprecedented shock. However, because of the “pause” of the human world, we’ve come to look back on many things.

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A Love Poem for You

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Hongik Hongik is a beautiful poem, and humbleness. Hongik is infinite art and enlightenment. Hongik is love, faith, and gratitude.…
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My Thoughts on Recent Events

Recently, I’ve been hearing news about what’s happening in the United States. With massive social upheaval taking place there and…
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This Is Our Chance

It seems as if the Earth is taking a deep breath right now. The water and air have become cleaner;…
Peace in the brain | a woman meditating in front of a cityscape

Peace Is in the Brain

All human beings have a key allowing them to feel inner peace, empowering them to create peace in life and…