Change Tragedy into Blessing

Nothing about our lives is guaranteed. Everything is uncertain. So it’s only natural to feel that life is a tragedy.

Because of that uncertainty, people pray, searching for peace and stability. What’s more important than prayer, though, is choice.

The opportunity to make choices arrives every day, every moment. In deciding for ourselves what choices we will make, it’s better not to hold back. Instead, we can make them with boldness and confidence.

What should I choose? What would be a good choice? The value of enlightenment is found in making good choices, both large and small. A good choice isn’t good for me alone. It can be good for me because it’s good for others, too.

Maintaining that choice is the power of enlightenment. Even if your choices actually bring you pain, if joy and confidence in them are in your heart, then, ultimately, they are good choices.

What’s important is that we have “divinity and creativity,” aspects of our brain that allow us to choose both happiness and unhappiness.

Enlightenment is not a certain state. It’s a choice made moment by moment.

Will you be the creator of your life, or will you live like bits of straw, swept away and tossed about on the stormy sea of life?

It’s entirely up to you.

Life is rooted in tragedy, but when the divinity and creativity within us are expressed, that tragedy is changed into a blessing by our choices.

Changing the tragedy of life into a blessing, that is the power of enlightenment, a life of enlightenment.

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