Deepen Your Perspective to See the Truth

Ilchi Lee - Sedona rockSee this rock? In this picture, you are looking at the rock from one angle. If you looked at it from another angle, it would look different.

To understand this rock, you would need to look at it from every angle. But your senses are limited. What you perceive with them is not necessarily the truth. Your eyes tell you that the sun crosses the sky each day, but telescopes and satellites tell us that the earth turns on its axis once each day and revolves around the sun once each year.

Telescopes, satellites, and mathematics give you another perspective. However, you don’t always have special instruments to help you see. How can you perceive the truth then?

When you first look at the rock, you know you are looking at it. If you focus on the rock and look deeper, you can come to sense that it is looking back at you. If you go even deeper and project your awareness into the rock, you gain a third-person perspective. From that perspective, you can see both you and the rock. And you can see that you and the rock are not separate; you are the rock.

To really know something, take the widest and deepest perspective. Have an observer consciousness through meditative focus.

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