Don’t Forget to Exhale

Would you try breathing in?
Can you try to breathe in a little more?
If you just kept inhaling, what would happen?
You’d be in trouble.
In order to live, you need to exhale.

If what comes in is revenue, possession, and control, if it only comes in, it gets destroyed. You need to send it out as well.
This is the Law of Life.
There is wisdom in it.

We are at the peak of material civilization.
Material civilization has expanded to its maximum capacity. What developed material civilization is unlimited competition. It’s not possible to satisfy everybody with competition.

When one person achieves success through competition, those who did not succeed feel discouragement or despair. The harsher the competition, the more fear and terror increase. They are expressed as destruction, and peace is shattered.

If we intend to continue history, there is no other way for us but to stop. If you inhale slowly, then you can exhale slowly. A wise person does not rush.

What comes in is meant to go out.
If you inhale, you have to exhale.


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