Escape from Anguish and Conflict

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Many of us are experiencing anguish and conflict nowadays. Money, health, relationships, and ideologies are all showing their limitations. No matter how hard we try or how well we do, matter is finite. We can have something or someone one moment and lose them the next. When the body breaks down, prestige, money, attachments . . . these all become useless. That’s why if we only focus on the material world, it’s meaningless.

Although loss of our material possessions and physical health can make us suffer, more painful suffering comes from a disconnection with our true self—our soul. It’s a characteristic of our soul that it longs to connect to the divine aspect of our being, and both of these strive to reconnect with the One Source from which they were once separated. Our soul’s longing to return to its origin grows worse when it’s ignored.

This longing can be answered if we develop our chakras and energy system to complete our soul’s evolution. If we build up the energy of our first three chakras, which are associated with our physical health and power, the energy of our soul in our fourth chakra can then purify and expand. When that energy becomes pure and big enough, it will pass through our fifth chakra in our throat and join with our divine nature in our sixth chakra in our head. This unified self can connect with the Source, the universal mind and energy, through the seventh chakra at the top of the head.

As we go through this process of growth, we may feel our suffering more acutely. Although these “growing pains” are difficult, we cannot undergo internal development while we self-medicate with comfort food, alcohol, video watching, or cheesy romance novels. It only works if we turn our awareness inside ourselves and face our physical discomfort, faults, and emotional pain head on.

But ultimately, if we do this, we’ll also become more detached from this pain and adopt what I call an “observer consciousness.” With an observer consciousness, we can see everything we have from a distance, a distance at which we can also feel compassion, forgiveness, joy, and boundless freedom amid the pain.

So the way to escape from anguish and conflict in the world is to have something more than power, money, prestige, attachments, and the like. Rather than counting on things that are bound to end, we can count on our eternal soul.

Be Rooted in Energy Principles

To go through this process of personal development through energy development, we need to understand the energy principles that underlie it. But just as you can’t really understand how to swim until you try it yourself, it’s hard to truly get energy principles by just reading about them. They are beyond intellectual understanding; however, they can be experienced.

Yet our five senses are not enough with which to experience them. We need to develop our sixth sense by focusing our mind on our body’s energy. The instant we feel energy is the beginning the sixth sense. Try this meditation for feeling energy here.

Everything is energy, so sensing energy and understanding the principles by which energy acts is the foundation on which we can grow. This sense can distinguish between the energies of our desires and emotions and the pure energy of Oneness. And it can determine the state of our energy system and how to use energy principles to change it. We can make our energy bright and clear, which gets us past the suffering we face from the limitations of the material world.

Zeroing our awareness in on oneness frees our hearts, our souls, from duality and distinction. It’s from this higher, original energy and consciousness that we can genuinely heal, grow, and create what our souls wish.

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