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Ilchi Lee - divinity in your brain

I hope that even if you live for just one day that it’s the happiest day. Happiness is not something someone gives you, but something you create for yourself. We have the power to create happiness. That’s because inside of your brain you have God—a divine aspect with limitless creative potential. To feel the divine and become one with it is a very natural thing. Because it’s so natural anyone can become enlightened.

Just as there are applications on an iPad, we have the app of enlightenment inside of us. To launch that app, to launch the divine, takes not even one minute. It’s just like pressing a button. However, many people aren’t even aware that this app exists and spend years not knowing to turn it on. A new awareness and understanding of the brain is the beginning of enlightenment.

The most important understanding you need for enlightenment is that divinity is natural to the human brain. It may not be something you can see or prove, but it makes a world of a difference. What do you think would happen if you thought, “We all have divinity in our brains?” Don’t you think that everything would seem different—better? With that one idea, everything changes. People would tend to have more respect and compassion for each other I think. When a person is respected they gain strength and creativity. People who don’t respect themselves are not able to focus on the present moment or concentrate on what they are doing. They cannot access all of their apps and information, and their brains cannot function optimally.

Then how can you respect yourself? What does it take? You have to practice breathing. When you breathe, set the intention of experiencing the divinity in your brain. The mental attitude you need to do that is generated when you focus on your body.

That’s what we need to create a spiritual culture. We need everyone to believe that there is a divine, creative aspect to each person’s brain, and to treat each other accordingly. Don’t you think it’s worth believing? What have we got to lose?


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  • During meditation this morning I read the translation of the Chun bu kyung and I “got it!”
    Chun = Heaven = “Essence”
    Ji = Earth = “Existence”
    In = Human = “Connection” of heaven and earth, essence brought into existence through me, as me. One divided into 3 always held lovingly with in the Origin.
    How open is my heavenly connector “socket” for receiving divine inspiration?
    How powerful is my Earthly center for moving me into action?
    How clear is my heart for bringing all of this together in me and then out into the world?
    This year I will be bringing forth consulting work that reinforces this sacred trinity occurring time after time. Thank you my Seuseung nim, my 21st Century Teacher.

  • Seuseung nim, your words are so simple, yet so clear. Anyone can understand this. We just have to get the message out to the world. Not a day goes by that I don’t talk to someone about your messages … I am compelled to share. Thank you so much for your guidance.

  • Yes i believe that we have a creative divine inside our brain .!!!

  • Right now it seems that I am in slow motion, in meditation all the time. This past year it has been for weeks at a time since visiting Mt Shasta, Sedona, and Hopilands. I truly do not desire my usual high level of activity and know that this is known as a DNA activation. It is also discussed in A Course in Miracles as being in this world but not of it.


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