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Chun Il Il Ji Il Ee In Il Sam

Heaven comes first, Earth comes second, Human comes third
Translated literally, this phrase of the Chun Bu Kyung means that Heaven is the first to be created from the One Source of everything. Earth is created second; and, based on Heaven and Earth, Humanity is created third. In this context, Heaven means the spiritual dimension of existence, Earth symbolizes the material dimensions of existence, and Human represents every form of life and the energy or vitality that animates it.

This phrase gives us a little insight into how these aspects of existence were created and how they relate to each other.

But what wisdom can we glean from it?

First look to the heavens—empty and able to encompass all things without discrimination. Absorb the energy of heaven and you will gain a great heart full of courage, unattached to the small things in life. From the boundless heavens that are hindered by nothing, you can learn to have an open heart.

Next look to the Earth. Learn to be accepting from the Earth who gives birth to and nourishes all things in its wide embrace. Learn to be reliable from the Earth who steadfastly supports all things, enabling them to bring their lives safely into full bloom.

Finally look to the One we all came from. Compassion comes from an awareness of oneness. True compassion is letting the healing energy of your true nature flow toward the sadness and pain of others. Compassion comes from a deep realization that you are inseparably one with all things in creation.

The Chun Bu Kyung says that human beings are composed of Heaven and Earth, which came from the One. We have the characteristics of Heaven and Earth inside us. So absorb the energies of Heaven and Earth and cultivate those characteristics in your life.

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  • This is an amazing text. Chun Bu Kyung enhances the essence of life, Ki energy. Life is to have a goal which makes it a mission of accomplishment. There is nothing more compassionate, that I can think of, for this sharing speaks of the connection between the heaven and the earth. Thank you for the words that inspire my spiritual growth. I want to thank you Ilchi Lee. The world of oneness awaits us within the dream of Chun Hwa. Thanks to my brain to know it…and mostly thank you Ilchi Lee to show the way.

  • So many layers to open up and discover!

  • To know our true nature, to feel our connection with heaven and earth–this is a most worthy goal and beautiful gift. I will strive for this every day. Thank you, Seu Seung Nim!

  • Thank you, Ilchi Lee, SSN. I feel heaven and earth within me.

  • Thank you Seuseung nim! I will connect to the Heaven and the Earth and love all living things.

  • Thank you Seuseungnim,
    From heaven I will learn to have an open heart, from earth I will learn to to accept and to be steadfast and reliable and from the One I will learn compassion and oneness with all things.
    Chun Ae


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