Let's Create a Happy Future

Happy New Year toast by Ilchi LeeI offer a toast to you for the new year. A new future is approaching us now. The ideal time for the completion of the soul began with the start of 2012. The era of material civilization has passed and an era of spiritual civilization of 1000 years, a golden millennium, is upon us. It’s a new era, a new time, and a new space. It’s an era of LifeParticles.
LifeParticles are changing and therefore the earth is changing. You can feel the changes in your own body. Focus on your body and you will understand the truth of this time for yourself.
A new future and new civilization, despite the shift occurring, will not happen magically. It will be the result of each person’s choices. The reality we face right now was created by each of us as an individual, not by someone else. That’s the most important enlightenment. No matter how difficult the present environment may be, we can choose hope and blossom the flower of happiness we desire. However, if we blame someone else or harbor resentment for something, we give away our power. Tell yourself, “All of the responsibility of my future lies with me. Instead of begging for happiness or borrowing it from others, I create my happiness.”
Let’s make a future that gives joy and happiness to all people.
Because religion, education, economics, and politics have lost their purity, they do not help humanity create a peaceful existence. Even though we award a Nobel Peace prize every year, the world still isn’t peaceful. Even if economics advances, it’s not the cure for human peace. The gap between the rich and the poor is increasing. Until now many people thought that religious, economic, and political systems could solve humanity’s problems. However, you can see from all of the protests taking place around the world that people in general don’t have hope in them anymore. But at the moment they also don’t have a solution.
We can find the solution together by practicing breathing and meditation and executing the messages we receive in meditation. With open hearts and minds we can communicate with each other. Communication and interaction is how you generate great power.
We have prepared for this new era with everything we have done until now. With breathing, meditation, and awakened living, we can be the hope and leaders of a spiritual culture.

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  • The important message I take from this posting is that a spiritual era is created by ourselves by taking action in real life and that it won’t magically happen by itself. If I look at myself and others around me through our lives together it seems as if we are just waiting for some miracle to take place. But waiting for it also feels as if we are slaves to some idea that may or probably won’t ever happen. We have never seen a miracle that has affected the humanity before but have heard of prophecies that never took place. Waiting for prophecies to come true leaves us powerless, creating it gives us unlimited power. Instead of waiting and wishing this year I will choose my future and play my role in this humanity’s future. Gamsahamnida for all of your messages.

  • Thank you.

  • communication and interaction is how you generate great power…this was helpful for me, so that i can become a better and more authentic leader. Thank you so much!! **~~**


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