The 3 Rights of Every Human Being

3 powers of every human being

Every human being has three rights. However, these rights are not guaranteed, and no one can give them to you. A right is something you need to endeavor to achieve. But it’s also something that needs to be respected. Everyone should have the opportunity to achieve them. All the systems in the world, such as religions and nations, have the obligation to encourage these basic rights. Then we can create a good and better family and society.

What might these rights be? The first one is health. Once you are born, you have a right to be healthy. Is there anything more important than health? Even if you have wealth and fame, does it matter if you don’t have health? Health is the foundation of all happiness, and it’s also the foundation of all peace.

Happiness is our second right. We all want to be happy, right? But everyone’s happiness is different. What may make me happy may not make you happy. You don’t have to take other’s happiness as yours. All you have to do is you feel happiness in yourself. We are at the center of our own happiness and health.

What could our third right be? You may have guessed that it’s peace. You have to strive your best to find your peace. No one will bring peace to you. Individual peace, the peace of a family, a country, or a company is something you create. That’s why, who is at the center of your own health, happiness, and peace? You are.

Own Your Brain, Own Your Rights

Although we all have the right to health, happiness, and peace, most of us don’t take ownership of them. Even if we experience health, happiness, or peace in a particular moment, we don’t own them fully. We are spectators of our health, happiness, and peace. An external force can come along anytime and take them away, because we don’t know how to create them. In this way, we are not masters of our health, happiness, and peace.

To be a master of our health, happiness, and peace, we need to be masters of our brain. When that happens, our lives become art. Life is an art. Each of our lives is a masterpiece we create.

However, if we don’t create it consciously, it gets created for us. Our current circumstances, our history, our emotions, and our social norms act as our brain’s master, determining our thoughts and behaviors. To create unconditional health, happiness, and peace, then, we need to take back our brain from all of these forces.

So many people have lost their connection to their own brains. They are just living their life following their own routine, keeping busy as time passes by. So the question is, how are you spending your time? With what kind of mindset, what kind of purpose, and what kind of value in yourself are you going through life? Ask yourself, am I really living for my own health, happiness, and peace? And what can I do, what am I really doing for that?

And what am I doing for my family’s health, happiness, and peace? And if we expand our awareness a little bit more, what am I doing for the health, happiness, and peace of my community and society? And if our consciousness and awareness have grown more, let’s go beyond the level of society, nation, or any organization. How am I living my life for the health, happiness, and peace of the entire planet and all humankind? Because, in essence, we and all others are one and the same.

If you are the center of your health, happiness, and peace, and that of your family, society, and the Earth, then the first thing you can do to master these rights is connect with your inner center—your true self. Once you find your true self, you can grow yourself from there.

Speak the Language of Energy

How can you really connect with yourself? As I explain in more detail in my new book, Connect: How to Find Clarity and Expand Your Consciousness with Pineal Gland Meditation, you can communicate with yourself through feeling energy.

Although it’s possible to feel the energy in your whole body, it’s easiest to start with your hands. Focusing on your hands helps your brain to focus.

Try closing your eyes and focusing on your hands. Your brain will become one with your hands. If you are really focused, you can feel a sense of heat/electricity in your hands. This is a feeling of energy. Feeling this energy in your hands is a very important foundation. If you can feel energy in your hands, that means you will be able to feel it in your whole body.

Jigam energy meditation

Now raise your hands up and stretch open your palms as far as you can, and then relax. Once again, stretch more and more. Then relax. And stretch one last time, and relax all the way.

Then rotate your hands like a propeller. Keep your hands relaxed in order to really spin them hard. Shake your hands for one minute, until you feel your body getting warmer.

Now how do your hands feel? Can you sense magnetism between your hands and fingers? Can you feel the wind in your hands?

If you can feel this energy, then you can manage and control energy, and consequently, your health, happiness, and peace. Energy is the connection between your brain and body. Having health, happiness, and peace depends on having proper energy flow in your body.

That’s why, as you feel the energy in your hands, you may notice changes happening in your body. Even if you don’t feel anything, that is also a feeling. That’s fine. If you feel something, that is also a feeling. What matters is that now your brain is aware of the feeling. That’s how you can converse with your brain.

The more you focus, though, the stronger your feeling becomes. If you just sit quietly and cannot really focus, you’ll have many distracting thoughts coming into your mind. But when you really focus, you’ll have no thoughts. You won’t have any sadness or loneliness. All social titles and authority disappear. There’s only one thing left. If you are really focused, you can have the greatest gift you can have. All else disappears. Only your self exists. That is what we call your true self.

Find Yourself, Love Yourself

Just like you focused on your hands, to find and develop your true self, you have to focus inside and observe. When you watch your inner workings, your brain starts to ask, “Who am I?” You have to keep asking yourself this question. Only then can you find yourself.

Finding your true self is how you can take back your own brain. Your true self can take ownership of your brain once you are aware of it and focus on it.

But to really take back your brain, you can’t stop with just finding your true self. You have to listen to it and act on what it says. Action is the key. You have to move. And through action, synapses are connected in your brain. They grow stronger the more you take action.

What’s important is your passion and your will. If they stay strong and consistent, you can truly become the master of your life forever. That is what I think loving yourself is.

Loving yourself means taking back your brain to create your own health, happiness, and peace.


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