Time to Rise Up

Ilchi-Lee_free-soul_20130723_newsletterMany people struggle with feelings of inadequacy. Some worry about their appearance or the sound of their voice; others feel deficient in a certain ability. This kind of inferiority complex is erroneous information that interferes with the freedom of the soul if it is not quickly erased. To judge something as inferior is actually arrogance and attachment rather than humility or shame.

To escape from the weight of feeling insufficient, you need to get rid of your erroneous information by acknowledging yourself and everything about you as it is now, truly respecting your present position. Accept gratefully whatever you have been given. If you accept even the things you’ve so far judged as inferior, you take away their power over your mind. Give love to everything, and you will raise its vibration. In your mind’s eye, you will see it release or transform into something beautiful that you didn’t expect.

Then put good information in your brain and a smile on your face. Even if you’re uncomfortable with it at first, choose the truth.

The truth is you are a free, beautiful, and powerful soul.

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