True Love

Ilchi Lee on True LoveIn doing energy meditation, you have the opportunity to experience nothingness, or the void, what is called Muah in Korean.

Muah is a state beyond thought or emotion; it is the purest state. Often, you may feel joy when you get or do something you like. Or you may develop passion for something you want to possess or control. Letting go of these passions and attachments is Muah.

You may think, what’s the fun in living if you let go of your joy and passion? But being in a state of Muah holds so much more for you than passing joys or passions; it’s a way of being you cannot truly understand until you experience it.

However, there are two kinds of Muah. One is genuine Muah, and the other is the indeterminate void. The indeterminate void feels similar to true Muah; it is peaceful and comfortable, seemingly without attachment to people and things. However, you become so attached to that peace and comfort that you put it before everything else and try to protect it. You withdraw from people, you are not creative, and you ridicule those who passionately endeavor to change society. You believe that the truly enlightened only observe everything, that that is true detachment.

Even though someone in the indeterminate void knows that all is one, they do not fully experience it. On the other hand, those in the true void experience unconditional love and oneness with all in every circumstance. As a result, they are not afraid of others and work to improve themselves, help those around them, and better society because they live in the truth that they are all the same. They are not caught up in momentary emotions or whims, but live in a constant flow of love.

Have you experienced genuine Muah, true and complete love, even for a short time?

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