What Is Your Value?

Ilchi Lee value earthWe’ve come to this earth and someday we’ll leave it. It’s already set. We’re not getting younger and we’ll continue to age. The earth will continue to spin and revolve around the sun carrying all life. Compared to the earth, we’re smaller than a piece of dust. We’re such tiny tiny beings. In fact, if you were only to look at size there would be no meaning to our existence.

The earth itself does not regard human activities. To the earth, humans are as people regard ants. To humans, a queen ant isn’t any more special than any other ant. Human beings are rampant so they are not very important. That’s the enlightenment of knowing you are human.

However, our value is not determined by our size. Our soul determines our value. The earth has a soul and we have a soul. When it comes to the soul—everything is at the same level. Your soul has the same value as the earth’s soul. When you connect with your soul and recognize that your soul has the same value as that of the earth, you can interact with the earth and the creative force of the universe and realize your nature is eternal.

Just as the earth has an orbit, each of us has our own track for our life. We have to know the work we have to do within the providence of this universe. People become so desirous of and dependent on so many different titles. But do we know what’s really important? Do you know for what you should live? It doesn’t matter whether you’re the queen ant or not. What matters is knowing what your soul wants and acting on it.

Why did your soul come to the earth? Because the twenty-first century earth desperately wanted it. You were called here and answered that call. That’s why you are a blessing to the earth.

This year, 2012, is a time when everyone will have a personal experience of their soul, live for their soul, and, in the process, create a new spiritual civilization. So many people have been in suffering and pain. Every day, 16,000 children are dying from starvation. The answer to the world’s pain is enlightenment. Finding your soul and trusting and believing in yourself—that is enlightenment.

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