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Ilchi Lee is an author and educator who helps people use the full potential of the brain. He developed Brain Education, a mind-body training method that helps each person create their own health, happiness, and peace.

“To live your most authentic life, you have to take back your brain.”

—Ilchi Lee

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Woman in the light

Your Original Form Is Light

[Source: @GillesBodson via Twenty20] Your original form is light and life. It’s light and life beyond all harm, eternal life,…
close-up of woman's face meditating

Meditating in Daily Life

[Source: @mattmylesphoto via Twenty20] You’ve probably already heard that the best way to calm your mind is to meditate. However,…
Woman greeting the sunrise

Greet 2020 with Joy and Hope

[Source: @isidoromu via Twenty20] I hope you have chosen to greet 2020 with bright joy and hope. This year is…

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From training studios to retreat centers to online courses, there are many ways to learn Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education method for personal growth.

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