Ilchi Lee

Author, Educator, Earth Citizen

Ilchi Lee is an author and educator who helps people use the full potential of the brain. He developed Brain Education, a mind-body training method that helps each person create their own health, happiness, and peace.

“To live your most authentic life, you have to take back your brain.”

—Ilchi Lee

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How to Make Friends with Loneliness


When we let ourselves experience the great void through meditation, we build a connection with all life that leaves no room for loneliness.

People and nature love concept lifestyle. Woman embracing big plant leaf in the woods with care and protection. Environment and outdoors climate change warming concept

Big Love Brings Big Change


Embracing love in every action holds the key to infusing meaning into our lives, illuminating our world, and fostering positive change for ourselves and the earth.

Do you want to contribute to creating a more peaceful, sustainable world in these divided times?

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From training studios to retreat centers to online courses, there are many ways to learn Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education method for personal growth.