Woman in the light

Your Original Form Is Light

[Source: @GillesBodson via Twenty20] Your original form is light and life. It’s light and life beyond all harm, eternal life,…
close-up of woman's face meditating

Meditating in Daily Life

[Source: @mattmylesphoto via Twenty20] You’ve probably already heard that the best way to calm your mind is to meditate. However,…
Woman greeting the sunrise

Greet 2020 with Joy and Hope

[Source: @isidoromu via Twenty20] I hope you have chosen to greet 2020 with bright joy and hope. This year is…
Girl in the snow holding hot coffee

True Peace Is in Your Heart

Pure love and peace come without condition. Conditional love and peace are imperfect. True love and peace are found within;…
Woman holding a snow heart

Joy from the Soul

1 Comment
There is a joy that comes from the heart when you do a good deed without being conscious of helping…
Holding hands

Love More the Harder Things Get

There is a Korean saying: “Give the one you dislike another piece of rice cake.” In other words, “Kill ’em…
Accept all

Joy or Pain, Welcome It All

You may taste joy in life, but you may also experience pain. Discard any thought that you should expect only…
draw your life

Draw a New You

You are nothingness, a blank slate. Different thoughts come, painting all kinds of pictures on that empty canvas. Good thoughts,…
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