Accept all

Joy or Pain, Welcome It All

You may taste joy in life, but you may also experience pain. Discard any thought that you should expect only…
draw your life

Draw a New You

You are nothingness, a blank slate. Different thoughts come, painting all kinds of pictures on that empty canvas. Good thoughts,…
Happy Thanksgiving

Do This to Be Truly Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is a day that reminds us to be grateful, not only today, but every day. It’s easy…
Happy face, happy brain

Make Your Brain Bright!

How a brain, a mind, moves decides a person’s fate. It’s not a lot of intellectual knowledge that decides how…
Meditate to See the Whole Picture

Meditate to See the Whole Picture

The ultimate reason we meditate is to integrate our consciousness and see the whole. Through meditation, we see the whole…
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