Ilchi Lee

8 Ways to Cheer for Yourself

From my experience, I’ve learned that one thing that sparks all the faculties of the brain—from attention to insight to…
man doing a handstand by the ocean

Choose to Make the Impossible Possible

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In 2020, we found ourselves in what seemed like an impossible environment. How could we possibly make plans, grow, develop, even thrive? Many of us, however, tried anyway. We chose to believe in our potential rather than only in current facts or past information.

an energy capsule

A Capsule for Health

Our brains and our bodies are intimately connected. When athletes and musicians imagine themselves practicing, the similar neurons fire as…
heart of tealight candles

Let Your Heart Be Light


The winter holidays serve to remind us to shine a light in darkness. Besides strings of lights, stars, and candles, however, we have light inside ourselves—especially in our energy centers.