Brain Power

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Your Divine Light


Thoughts, memories, and intellectual knowledge are what most people typically associate with the brain. However, the brain doesn’t only contain the artificial information that we’ve accumulated during our lives.

eye of the soul

Instead of Worrying, Do This


Many of us are not strangers to worry. It’s easy to be anxious about the future, even though worrying won’t stop us from…

draw your life

Draw a New You

You are nothingness, a blank slate. Different thoughts come, painting all kinds of pictures on that empty canvas. Good thoughts,…
Happy face, happy brain

Make Your Brain Bright!

How a brain, a mind, moves decides a person’s fate. It’s not a lot of intellectual knowledge that decides how…
four elements

Don’t Underestimate Your Brain

Don’t underestimate your brain, for it can draw on enormous power. And your brain is already equipped with everything it…
See clearly meditation

What You Need to See Clearly

Ordinarily, when things happen, we make judgments based only on what we see. By seeing only the outwardly visible world,…
Power of Self-Innovation

Do You Know the Flea Story?

Many people live repetitive lives without change or growth, today always the same as yesterday. They no longer dream. And…