Brain Power

Ilchi Lee at 200 meter archery mark

Aim Beyond Limiting Beliefs

In my spare time nowadays, I like practicing archery. I usually use two different types of bow. One is designed…
Young Arab woman meditating on grass

Know Yourself as You Truly Are


I am certain that when we recover our connection to the divine, we can discover the true solution and insight we need to simultaneously solve our individual problems and the Earth’s problems.

four leaf clover over hand

Imagine Hope

[Source: Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash] We all experience discouragement. It’s extremely normal. But no matter what happens, what’s…
closeup of young woman's face in the snow

Your Divine Light


Thoughts, memories, and intellectual knowledge are what most people typically associate with the brain. However, the brain doesn’t only contain the artificial information that we’ve accumulated during our lives.