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Light the Fire of Achievement

To accomplish any goal, you need focus and power. Your power comes from your lower dahnjon, or energy center, in…
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How to Heal

Feel your body from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and toes. Right now, you…
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Chakra Problem Solving

Our bodies are composed of physical, energy, and spiritual bodies. You can master having a truly happy and peaceful life…

Healing Chakras for Change

You probably have something you’d like to change about yourself. Maybe it’s something on the surface such as your haircut,…
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Live Emotion-Free

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If you are full of emotional energy, your consciousness and your heart cannot be free. In the cage of emotions, you end up feeling lonely. Many people compensate for that loneliness with superficial and ultimately unsatisfying things like games, media, shopping, and food.

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Conquer Your Thoughts

You cannot conquer your thoughts with thoughts. You don’t want to waste energy with an endless train of idle thoughts,…
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Love and Soshik

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The practice of soshik, the Korean term for “eating small portions,” is an expression of love toward yourself. Soshik affords…
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How to Change Your Body

There is an easy way to change your physical constitution. Just create Water Up Fire Down (Su Seung Hwa Gang)…