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Vibrate Yourself to Life


Vibration allows LifeParticles to move, transfer, and respond, which allows your great and wonderful soul to express itself in the material world. To express your soul, you have to move your body, make vibration, and take action.

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Love Your Body

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Discover Your Body “My body is not me but mine.” In order to become the master of your life, you…
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One Simple Way of Sharing Love

Healing is a concrete expression of love and trust. Regardless of the amount of verbal conversation your family has had…
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My Life After Sixty


Even in their later years, there are many people who live their lives to the fullest without setting aside their dreams and passion for life. Ilchi Lee shares his dream now that he’s turned sixty years old.

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My Adventure with Aloe


Even the smallest actions and obstacles can teach life lessons. Here Ilchi Lee shares what he learned during one dinnertime adventure.

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The Road to Jangsaeng


Ilchi Lee reflected on the meaning of living a long life filled with vitality–Jangsaeng–as he walked down the Jangsaeng Woodland Road on Jeju Island in South Korea.