A Day in the Creator’s Life

The Creator’s Life

Young woman enjoys quiet time knitting alonePeople who have spirit
have the Creator, the true master of their life.

We have creativity and the Creator in our brain.
All you have to do is restore them and use them well.
This cannot be learned, nor is there a need to learn it.

Everyone wants to be happy.
People who don’t have spirit
go around looking and begging for happiness.

Those who have spirit
know that happiness is a physical and chemical phenomenon
and create hope and happiness on their own.

Those without spirit become slaves to their environment,
feeling bored when they’re alone and
always being afraid that they’re missing something.

People who have spirit have their own center,
so they have the ability to simply close their eyes and smile.
They can sing by themselves, and even dance on their own.

The scariest thing is
not being able to just exist by yourself.

Living a life in which you have spirit
and exist on your own and create,
that is none other than a “Creator’s Life.”

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