Do You Love Your Work?

Ilchi Lee - Find Your PathI spent so much time in my life lost and wandering. I searched for something to do that made me feel that even if I were to die doing it, I could die happy. I finally found it, but there wasn’t anybody who showed it to me. My parents, my teachers at school, even religions or organizations or different meditation groups I went to couldn’t help me find my path to work I was passionate about.

In order to find it, I had to find my true self through meditation. I learned you have to know your true self well. Only when you find yourself will you find your path.

It’s not something you can locate because somebody tells you to go there. It’s something your soul has to discover. You have to find it for yourself.

Ask yourself, “Isn’t there some kind of path like that I could find?” Listen to the answers provided by your mind and heart once you’ve cleared them of extraneous thoughts and emotions.

You know you’ve found your own path when you’re able to say, “If it’s for this work, I’m willing to stake everything on it.” At just the thought of going down that path, you can feel electricity running through your whole body.

For the last 30 years, I’ve worked hard on the path I chose—the path of helping people find themselves, find their own path, and find health, happiness, and peace through meditation and breathing. I will continue to work hard in the future, living every day with work I could die happy doing.

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  • I am still finding my passion. It is not easy. But I can see that you put your heart and soul into what you love. Thank you Seuseung nim!

  • I have experienced many of the methods and programs Ilchi Lee developed.
    Now I experience everyday as a brand NEW DAY full of limitless possibilities
    and opportunties. I live my life with hope for the future and trust life supports
    me in fullfilling my purpose!

  • Thank you! This is a wonderful posting! At once I feel grateful, happy, excited and some feeling inside, also, which says I am not giving my 100% for my own path. I will keep looking inwardly for that passion and electricity, so that it is always shining forth!

  • Good morning I love this Do you love your Work, if every one would ask that ?
    Would be more happy I love my work.
    Thank you ILchi Lee.

  • Beautiful!

  • Thank you… thank you because just a few hours ago I was asking myself the same question. And in this post I feel a guidance for my answer, althought it’s difficult to put it in actions. I’ll try hard to discover my true path, it’s not to late to change my life at my age.

  • Thank you for this inspiring post. I will work hard on my path & practice daily breathing & meditation & go inward, so that I can grow my passion & excitement as well.


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