For Greater Joy, Peace, and Love

Two young Asian female friends

It’s a happy circumstance when you have someone you can love and a place, time, and environment where you can love. You feel a sense of inner fullness when you love yourself. That is loving your life.

You despair and feel lonely when you don’t give or get love, and when you don’t get respect or trust from people.

Wherever you are, if you get and give love and get and give respect, that is the greatest place. Those who pursue spiritual growth want nothing more than that. Wanting anything else is vanity.

You can live a full life when you do your best at the work you’ve been given to love, respect, and trust every day.

You can live a full life when you do your best at the work you've been given to love, respect, and trust every day. Click To Tweet

Those who are mired in vanity are never able to find satisfaction their whole lives. Why aren’t they satisfied? It’s because they’re not focused on themselves. They always focus on how others love, on the respect others get. You can’t have confidence while you’re focused there. What’s important is not how others get love and respect, but how you love and are loved, respect and are respected now.

Genuine happiness and joy in life are not relative things that come from comparing yourself with others. They are absolute things that well up from within. Those who know that have the basics down.

Be faithful to the basics. That is enlightenment. You can play the game when you have those basics down. What game? You can play the great game of widely benefitting others while creating a peaceful, harmonious world. That game is for transcending the completion of the individual to attain completion of the whole. You can feel greater joy, peace, and love within it.

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