One Posture Does It All

Ilchi Lee Healing PostureEvery single person has an innate capacity to heal themselves. Awakening this dormant power within you can be as simple as relaxing in one posture for five minutes. With this posture, you take in the purest energy in the universe—that coming from the source of life energy, which I like to call the LifeParticle Sun.

The purest energy is without emotion. Receiving this energy provides you with strength, protection, and a new consciousness. Everything that was lacking becomes filled by it. Energy is like water; there’s a way that it naturally flows. When you hold this position, energy automatically permeates to where it needs to be, opening your energy blockages and healing your body.

It’s best to do this posture lying down on your back, although you can also do it standing up. Shake your body a little at first to relax it and make it comfortable. It’s helpful to visualize the LifeParticle Sun before holding the posture. Use this image on the right to picture it. By simply imagining something, you can experience it. That’s how powerful the brain is. By imagining the LifeParticle Sun, you integrate your mind with its pure energy and let LifeParticles come into you and circulate within your body.

Then raise your arms up over your head and point your index finger. You don’t have to stretch your arms; just rest them comfortably. Close your eyes and bring your focus into your body; your focus will also gather energy to you. Notice your body’s sensations. How do you feel? Do you feel your body sticking to the ground like a magnet? Can you feel your energy changing?

As the energy of your body changes with this posture, your body becomes very light and your head becomes clear. Water Up, Fire Down energy circulation is being created in your body. If you feel some pain, that’s the process of your body healing. Be grateful for your pain and breathe through your experience; this will help the pain move out of you. Notice how your sensations change with time.

After holding the posture for one to five minutes, shake out your body. Be sure not to hold the posture for more than five minutes; it’s not necessary and may become uncomfortable.

The pure emotionless energy you receive by holding this posture and picturing the LifeParticle Sun does not just heal your physical body. It clarifies your emotions and gives you the power to change society and the world.

Try this posture out for yourself and leave a comment about what you experienced. What did you feel? How did your energy change? If you received some benefit, pass it along to the people around you. Energy grows as it is shared. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone knew how to activate their natural healing abilities?

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  • Helpful, relaxing and centering, thank you!

  • Have tried it several times, it always feels calming centering. I also get a pain in one arm, which indicates some blockage there.

  • Thank you for this posture! It is easy and effective!!! 😀

  • I’ve practiced this posture numerous times and I feel like my physical body, negative emotions and feelings just melt into the floor. Afterwards my physical body feels light as a feather and my mind is clear, brighter and happier. Thank you so much for bringing this method to us!

  • Holistic Helen Campbell
    December 9, 2022 3:12 pm

    Holistic Helen Well for about 30 years I have been doing this “Posture” every day and somedays 2 or more times – on my HTE CHI MACHINE – while the Chi Machine for 30 minutes is realigning my spine, energizing all of my organs, correcting any problems with my extremities, puts me into a meditative state, and so MUCH MORE – also imitates the motion of a fish swimming (that is what the Chi Machine was manufactured to do from an ancient Oriental practice of laying on the floor and imitating the fish motion – I am 83 yrs YOUNG – strong, no health problems, very active, Very Mentally Alert, active, I DO NO DOCS OR NO DRUGS! FOR OVER 50 YEARS.
    I attribute a lot of my Health Challenge FREE condition to My Chi Machine, drinking only distilled water that has been Solarized, magnetized, energized, Prill Beads and then I add 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to each gallon of the Solarized energized water plus Organic Chlorophyll /these create Alkaline pH, Hydrogen and Oxygen and the sppplements that I take have absolutely no additives and are a Very High Frequency. I do use Far Infra Red therapy in the form of pads from the same company as the Chi Machine – for your information Far Infra Red stimulates your own STEM CELLS !! I have research on alll of the above and more from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s –

  • Thank you for providing important information.💝

    I”ll training me like this posture .


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